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Sativa vs indica

Both Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are psychoactive varieties of the plant, but each has a unique structure, resin production, flavor profile, and chemical make-up.

By gaining a general understanding of Sativa vs Indica, treatments can be customized to achieve desired physical and cerebral effects.

Let’s take a look at key Sativa vs Indica differences: Sativa strains also tend to contain more THC, but by contrast, Sativas tend to produce alertness, energy, and an uplifting effect that gets your mind moving.

Below you’ll find a quick reference on the morphology, symptom relief, and effects of Sativa vs Indica.

Sativa vs Indica differences Sativa vs Indica effects There is a general misconception about Sativa vs Indica effects, as some indica strains can produce a cerebral boost, while some sativas can make you feel relaxed and even help induce sleep.

“While cannabinoid ratios in most cannabis may be about the same, it is the terpene content which typically creates the different qualities that we have parsed as the difference between indicas and sativas for some time.

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